Frequently Asked Question

Do I need the infinity pro teeth whitening system?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure used to enhance the appearance of the teeth and remove stains on the enamel and in the dentin. If you long for a whiter, brighter smile, the infinity pro teeth whitening system could be right for you. The infinity pro system is only available through authorised treatment centres, so contact your local treatment centre for more information about using the infinity pro system to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

What should I expect during my infinity pro teeth whitening treatment?

If you and your consultant determine that you are a candidate for the infinity pro teeth whitening, you will first need to schedule an appointment. The Applia Teeth Whitening Paint-on Applicator - Photosensitive whitening gel will then be applied to your teeth for 15 minutes and a light placed over it to activate the gel. This cycle may be repeated up to four times, after which time your teeth may be lightened by as many as 6 to 10 shades.

Will I need to follow any at-home care instructions after I complete my infinity pro teeth whitening treatment?

Yes. To maintain your whitening treatment results, you’ll need to avoid drinking highly pigmented beverages like red wine coffee stay white on your meals for up to 24 hours, as these can stain your teeth. You may also wish to maintain your lighter brighter smile by making the infinity pro whitening system part of your grooming routine that will help remove stains that can accumulate each day and you will always have that million$mile to maintain your results.


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